Saturday, January 7, 2012

Manchester or Bust!

Happy New Year! 
Sending my love and warm wishes to everyone for a wonderful 2012! 

I'm probably the only British citizen that had never set foot in the UK (Oh, wait … maybe my brother), until now that is!  When Rich and Justin invited me to head over to Manchester for a couple of days, I didn't have to think twice.  

This was my first ever Boxing Day celebration!  My personal British history professor, Justin, explained, that back in the day the wealthy gave a box of gifts to their servants and the 26th of December off, so the servants could celebrate Christmas with their own families.  Nowadays, it's just another excuse for a holiday, i.e., another reason to party!  And as I learned, the British know how to party!  

The Boxing Day Celebration started pretty much once I got off the plane … and went into the wee hours in the morning.  I was definitely out of my league! Luckily, the next day was another bank holiday, as we all were moving a little slower than usual, so we took advantage and had a relaxing day and caught up. We eventually motivated, and I got a personal walking tour of Urmston, and the following day we conquered downtown Manchester. 

While I was in Manchester, I was introduced to a host of British traditions, from Christmas cake to minced meat pie (a meatless pie - still confused at to why it's called minced meat though) to HP sauce a/k/a brown sauce.  A trip to the UK wouldn't be official if there wasn't any curry … so of course my last night in Manchester we headed to Rich and Justin's favorite Indian restaurant, The Hilal in Altrincham.  

Now, I just need to make it to London, Ireland, Scotland and Wales ... 

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  1. Great photos! I wonder why minced meat pie is called that...

    Looks and sounds like you had a great time!!