Monday, September 24, 2012

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Friday, September 14, 2012

A New Beginning

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Paris' Oldest Living Resident

A stumble away from Saint Michel with a view of Notre Dame Cathedral there is a small inconspicuous park named Square René-Viviani adjacent to Eglise Saint-Julien-le-Pauvre.  

Upon entering the gates, I walked into the middle of a wedding celebration, so I discretely headed to my destination.  After further research, I've discovered that the Eglise Saint-Julien-le-Pauvre is famous for being one of the oldest religious buildings in Paris.  The Gothic style church was built in 1170 over the ruins of a church from the 6th century and today it functions as a Greek Melkite Church.  Sacre Bleu! I may just have to make my way back to check out the inside.  

I was on the hunt for Paris' oldest living resident!  He's been here for 411 years and he's believed to be an American … an observer of the revolution, many wars, and torrid love affairs!  A special robinia pseudoacacia (that's a mouth full!) otherwise known as a locust tree measured to be 15 meters high with a circumference of 3.50 meters.  It's believed that the tree originally came from America and was planted in 1601 by the botanist Jean Robin (hence the fancy name).  The tree continues to survive and flourish each year but do to his old age is supported by two concrete crutches. 

The next time you want to read a good book, have a picnic, or a romantic rendez-vous head over to Paris' most faithful lover and resident!  

Across the way ... Notre Dame! 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Running Dreams

The commencement of Spring, has not only brought some serious April showers (I don't even remember the last time we had a day sans rain) but I've been inundated with a serious amount of visitors which shall continue thru May.  Springtime in Paris brings cherry blossoms and a copious amount of tourist not to mention that April in Paris (just like Boston) means marathon season!  About 40,000 people gathered in Paris to run the marathon on Sunday, April 14th, 2012 (I was not one of the motivated!). 

That cold gray Sunday morning, I woke up, grabbed my fleece, and hopped downstairs to watch the marathoners run by, while my houseguest snoozed away.  Lucky me with front row seats near the 31km/19m marker.  I was on the search for my friend Kay and my cousins, Orit and Shai (who flew in from Israel for the event), to cheer them on!  It was a raw morning with bone chilling winds which might be perfect for the marathoners… yet, not so ideal for the brilliant me who ran downstairs wearing just a fleece and yoga pants.  However, I was motivated to be an excellent cheerleader, so I could not leave my post to add more layers.  Almost four hours later, with frozen hands and a creative little dance going on in attempt to keep myself warm, I realized that I missed my loved ones in the mass of runners.  

Marathons always resurge that secret desire to be a marathoner (see blog post Slowly But Surely).  So the next day when I met up with Orit and Shai and listened to all the reasons on why I should start training for a marathon … I was somewhat motivated!  Orit even encouraged (or bribed) me by saying that if I ran the Tel Aviv marathon in March 2013 she'll be my running buddy.  Now, that sounds like a good deal!  For the past couple of weeks, I've been seriously contemplating the idea, and slowly planting hints to friends that traveling to Israel next March would be a fabulous vacation … I'm selfishly looking for cheerleaders! ;) 

If only I could start running on a consistent basis!  Any takers for the marathon challenge?  

Check out the British flag costume! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New York Here I Come

With layovers and connections, about 36hrs after leaving Krabi I finally arrived in Paris.  Without any sleep, it's remarkable that I made it home and was functional for most of the day.  Maybe my neighbors would disagree, as I'm not sure if my French was slurring  when I went to pick up Ralegh from his vacation (see what a good mom I am!).  After a few extremely jammed pack days of unpacking, laundry, repacking, and quality time with out of town guest, I was back on a plane but this time I was heading west.  You'd think I would have waited a couple of weeks before jumping on a transatlantic flight.  New York here I come! 

First I had to spend 24hrs in Albany, so I could become one of the 625 newest members to the New York State Bar.  Then I was off to NYC to celebrate!  The NYC celebration was old school FAU style.  Cara arrived in town on Friday night and it was circa 1999 again.  The old school days, hanging with Geraldine, Cara and Maria, the only thing missing from the weekend were Keren, Dana and a few Sammy's.  

After the weekend, it was time to get serious and start networking.  All work and no play!  Well, maybe a little bit of play.  As many of you know, my time in Paris is coming to an end … but this is not necessarily a sad event as I'll be relocating to NYC.  Woo hoo!!!  Though, the name of this blog may have to change or come to an end - still contemplating.  In the meantime, if anyone out there has any NYC contacts or legal contacts please let me know, any and all information is greatly appreciated. :) 

I spent my days meeting up with old college/law school friends and colleagues that I hadn't seen in ages.  Actually, I didn't even get to see most of my close NY friends, which just means I may have to make another visit soon.  My most interesting lunch was with a phenomenal woman who helped write the South African Constitution after Nelson Mandela was released from prison.  That's how I roll!  A quick lunch with an amazing human rights attorney before I head back to Paris.  [Otuko, you're indirectly credited for this meeting.]

NYC wasn't short of some good meals and old fashioneds (my drink of choice for the trip as I haven't found a place in Paris that makes them yet).  However, before I departed Thailand, I was informed of a little NYC secret that I had to try.  The best burger in town!  Now, I'm no burger expert but I do have to say this was a mighty tasty burger.  Thank you Paul!  For everyone else who is dying to know [Dana, I know you're on the edge of your seat!] the place is called … Burger Joint!  If you're wondering why this Burger Joint is such a secret, especially with such an obvious name, it's because its location is hidden behind a velvet curtain in the atrium of Le Parker Meridien Hotel.  If you have fancier taste, Le Parker Meridien Hotel is also known for their Zillion Dollar Frittata costing only about $1000 US dollars.  Though, I'll be sticking to the yummy greasy cheeseburger that's under $10 US dollars.  

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sahwahdee Kha from Thailand

Many of you may be wondering what happened to me, as I seem to have stopped writing some time in January.  I've spent the past approximate 6 weeks from one end of the globe to the next with a short pit stop in Paris.  I like to pretend that this makes me a world traveler, but I guess that depends on who you're comparing me too.  My cat, Ralegh, may argue that it makes me a bad neglectful mother.  My retort would be that I had to go to Thailand and New York, I had no other choice … Thailand may be questionable on whether it was an absolute must, but I'm sticking to my story. 

During my travels, my travel buddies reminded me that I should be updating my blog.  However, I was too entranced with my own happenings to actually take the time and write.  Now, I wish I did, weeks have passed, I'm struggling with jet lag, and completely avoiding blogging.  Plus, I don't think I will give my Thailand trip any justice.  

So with the last couple of days of January, I left Paris and headed to the exotic world of Thailand. (I ended up having brilliant timing as a cold front and snow storm arrived with my departure.)  I knew the minute I stepped off the airport rail link that I was in a completely different world.  Engrossed by the humming of cars, tuk-tuks, and motorbikes zooming pass me.  Enveloped by the smell of street food, sex, and smog that surrounded me.  Bangkok was alive and full of energy.  I was in utter awe!   I stared at the street signs in a language I couldn't understand.  Now, only if I knew whether I needed to take a right or a left … he he he.

Tashi and I spent our first two nights in a hostel called Link Corner.  As hostels go, it wasn't that bad.  A lot better than some of the ones I use to stay in when I was 17 years old… But that was 17 years ago and I'm not that into the community shower and toilets anymore.  I believe Tashi thought I was being a little bit of a princess but I was fine waiting a day and half to shower at the hip Aloft Hotel (A Vision of the W Hotels) in the Sukhumvit neighborhood.  No judgments please! Lol.  With Paul's arrival we headed over to the lap of luxury.   I highly recommend the Aloft Hotel. 

I'm not going to give a daily rehash of my trip, so here are super brief highlights.  Tashi gave me the best walking tour of Bangkok!   (It's always key to have your travel buddies be in the know of where to go.)  We visited all the malls.  Ate some awesome street food.  Drank at disco van bars (basically, every business in Bangkok can be run out of a van or cart, as long as it has wheels).  Saw a boxing match. Experienced Soi Cowboy.  Went to the Night Market.  Took a couple boat/ferry rides.  Visited Khaosan Road.  Visited the Palace.  And most importantly, had a couple of massages, a facial, and a mani/pedi, it's all about the self-indulgence. :)  As I was traveling with the male species, I of course did not miss the Super Bowl.  The bar we ended up at (at 6:30AM - yes, hardcore!) was so packed we literally ended up sitting on stools in the middle of the street to watch the game.

After Bangkok, we headed south to meet up with PT.  In Phuket, we met up with some of Tashi's Thai friends, had this amazing dinner on top of a mountain and celebrated Tashi's birthday.  The next morning, we took the ferry to Krabi.  Krabi was a typical beach town with absolutely beautiful landscapes.  We went on an island and snorkeling tour.  I learned how to cook some amazing Thai food at Ya's Thai Cookery School (hopefully, I'll be able to recreate the yumminess from home).  Again, multiple massages and of course some pretty awesome meals - I did mention it was all about the indulgence.   I left Krabi with probably the worst sunburn I've ever had on my legs … I had trouble walking and my ankles were swollen, but it was all worth it. 

I absolutely loved Thailand.  I will definitely go back!  Once you get past the illicit activities of Bangkok you fall in love with the charm of the Thai and all the street activities.  If I didn't have to head to NYC for my swearing-in ceremony, I would have extended my stay, as Paul and Tashi are still traveling thru Asia sans moi. :(  Now, I'm vicariously living thru email updates.  

Friday, January 27, 2012

Love and a Pagoda

What better way to prepare for my Asia trip, than a visit to a Pagoda, right here in the middle of Paris!  (I'm going to Asia! Yippee!!!)  La Pagode is an independent theater located in the 7th arrondissement of Paris.  

Originally, built in 1896 by architect Alexandre Marcel, for François-Émile Morin, the then director of Le Bon Marché, as a gift for his wife (now, that's a serious declaration of love!).  Don't forget, it's France, which means that it would only be natural that there was some scandalous infidelity going on… right?  :) Yep, that same year, Madame Morin leaves her husband for his business partner (OUCH! Guess, a Pagoda wasn't going to save the marriage).  Over a century later, and this could totally be a modern day sex, love, and betrayal story.  In any event, Madame Morin would throw lavish parties at La Pagode until the closing of the hall in 1927. 

Four years later, in 1931, La Pagode was open to the public, and was the first and only movie theater in the 7th arrondissement.

La Pagode is well-known for it's Japanese room and garden, and it's probably the most unique and beautiful cinema's I've ever seen.  I definitely recommend a visit; plus it's a quaint and cozy cinema.