Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New York Here I Come

With layovers and connections, about 36hrs after leaving Krabi I finally arrived in Paris.  Without any sleep, it's remarkable that I made it home and was functional for most of the day.  Maybe my neighbors would disagree, as I'm not sure if my French was slurring  when I went to pick up Ralegh from his vacation (see what a good mom I am!).  After a few extremely jammed pack days of unpacking, laundry, repacking, and quality time with out of town guest, I was back on a plane but this time I was heading west.  You'd think I would have waited a couple of weeks before jumping on a transatlantic flight.  New York here I come! 

First I had to spend 24hrs in Albany, so I could become one of the 625 newest members to the New York State Bar.  Then I was off to NYC to celebrate!  The NYC celebration was old school FAU style.  Cara arrived in town on Friday night and it was circa 1999 again.  The old school days, hanging with Geraldine, Cara and Maria, the only thing missing from the weekend were Keren, Dana and a few Sammy's.  

After the weekend, it was time to get serious and start networking.  All work and no play!  Well, maybe a little bit of play.  As many of you know, my time in Paris is coming to an end … but this is not necessarily a sad event as I'll be relocating to NYC.  Woo hoo!!!  Though, the name of this blog may have to change or come to an end - still contemplating.  In the meantime, if anyone out there has any NYC contacts or legal contacts please let me know, any and all information is greatly appreciated. :) 

I spent my days meeting up with old college/law school friends and colleagues that I hadn't seen in ages.  Actually, I didn't even get to see most of my close NY friends, which just means I may have to make another visit soon.  My most interesting lunch was with a phenomenal woman who helped write the South African Constitution after Nelson Mandela was released from prison.  That's how I roll!  A quick lunch with an amazing human rights attorney before I head back to Paris.  [Otuko, you're indirectly credited for this meeting.]

NYC wasn't short of some good meals and old fashioneds (my drink of choice for the trip as I haven't found a place in Paris that makes them yet).  However, before I departed Thailand, I was informed of a little NYC secret that I had to try.  The best burger in town!  Now, I'm no burger expert but I do have to say this was a mighty tasty burger.  Thank you Paul!  For everyone else who is dying to know [Dana, I know you're on the edge of your seat!] the place is called … Burger Joint!  If you're wondering why this Burger Joint is such a secret, especially with such an obvious name, it's because its location is hidden behind a velvet curtain in the atrium of Le Parker Meridien Hotel.  If you have fancier taste, Le Parker Meridien Hotel is also known for their Zillion Dollar Frittata costing only about $1000 US dollars.  Though, I'll be sticking to the yummy greasy cheeseburger that's under $10 US dollars.  


  1. YAY! Once you are in NY and settled - you and I have a date at Burger Joint FOR SURE!!!!!!!


  2. Awesome, you went there! It's a great burger right?